“Health-2017” in Ashgabat

Туркмены-народ, искони культивирующий традиции здорового образа жизни.

Dear  colleague!

         From Ministry of  health and medical industry of  Turkmenistan  we are glad to invite You participate  in work of  International  Scientific Conference “Health-2017 which is held in Ashgabat during July 20-22, 2017. Also in days of conference will be organized the International Exhibition of up-to-date medical technology, wares of  medical setting and drugs.

The main directions of the conference


 Internal diseases


Traumatology and orthopedics




Natural  sources of health


Cardiology and cardiosurgery


New technologies in medicine


Mother and child health protection


Education and health care




Sport medicine and anti-doping in





Infectious diseases


Public health and epidemiology



Conditions and forms for participating in the conference

1.Publication of thesis without report.

2.Performance with oral report without publication of thesis.

3.Publication of the thesis and performance with oral report.

     For participating  in conference is necessary to send in orgcommittee  the registration  card of the participants(enclosure1)  and thesis on forms (enclosure 2), till  15 of Aprel, 2017.

      Send the thesis in printing, and also in electronic (on disc) variants in Turkmen, Russian and English languages. The text of thesis must be dial in program  of Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, single interval, print 14 volume no more 1 page).Thesis mustn’t to contain the pictures, tables and graphs. In texts of thesis shouldn’t bring reference in literature resources. Don’t  allowed shortening. At the last page of work the authors must sign. Thesis is certified with the signature of the supervisor and the stamp of organization.

     Thesis, implementing without maintenance of rule, will not accept  for consideration.

     For full information about the upcoming exhibition and conference “Health-2017”  please visit  www.cci.gov.tm,  www.sghm.tm.

The address of organization Committee of conference

Turkmenistan, 744036, Ashgabat, avenue Archabil,20

The Ministry of  health and medical industry of Turkmenistan

          Tel/fax(993 12) 40-04-46, 40-04-51, 40-04-53,48-92-94, 40-04-14,40-04-67, 40-04-70,   

                                    40-04-50, 40-04-52, 40-04-51(fax), 40-04-66(fax)

           E-mail:  healthtm @online.tm
            We hope for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.
            Yours faithfully,  

The Minister                                                 N.Amannepesow

                                                                                               Enclosure 1

                                       Registration card

-Surname, name, patronymic

-Academic degree

-Place of work.


-Title of institution

- Address


-Form of participating in  the conference:( show one of variants)

                                    1.Publication  of thesis without report

                                   2.Performance with oral report without publication of thesis.

                                   3.Publication of thesis and performance with oral report.

                                                                                                  Enclosure 2

-The first line- TITLE OF THE THESIS( the first letters)

-The second line-Full name of the authors with showing the country in the bracket

-The text of thesis with indented line (Turkmen, Russian and English languages