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Preventive center on particularly dangerous infections

Central preventive office of Special dangerous infections of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service has situated in 4 floor modern building with white marbles. The main purpose of the central office is to protect and prevent the borders of Turkmenistan from special dangerous contagious and quarantine diseases. In its structure, five sections are acting which are equipped with competent equipments and carry out its works with the newest methods.

1. Section of Laboratory

2. Section of Identifying, suspicion and take cares for against of spread of infections.

3. Educational section of Science and Professional Development

4. Section of zoology, parasitology and animal care

5. Section of disinfection against of insects and gnawing animals

In the section of laboratory of center along with classically bacteriological analysis of special infectious diseases and quarantine illnesses of causative agents is created the possibility of definition with automatic way on the equipment Vitek 2 compact 60 of the Biomerieux company.

The Vitek 2 compact 60 is intended for identification of the causative agent microorganisms and testing of sensitivity on antibiotics. On this equipment it's possible to spend 60 tests at the same time, as appropriate it's possible to check up their sensitivity on antibiotics. It gives the chance to define causative agents on patients for short time and to treat with reliable antibiotics.

The specialists of this section are collect information on carried out activities which held for preventing special dangerous infectious and quarantine disease in Preventive centre of Special dangerous infectious diseases and its branches in other provinces, treatment and preventive organizations, perform analyze and resulting works.

They do public speaking with necessary reports on preventing special dangerous infectious disease in front of zoologists, veterinaries and sterilization specialists who attend to Centre's education courses to develop their knowledge. They highly controls the preventing preparations of disease treatment and preventing organizations. Specialists of this section give courses and lessons to employees of hospitals for preventing special dangerous infectious diseases.

In this educational section holds large scale scientific-research activities with the bacteriological identifying work. Section's main scientific direction is «Microbiological, epidemiological and clinical details of brucellosis disease». Scientific specialists learn effecting spread reasons of diseases and sensitive to macro organisms, passing ways, infectious diseases source by using modern high and developed equipments.They identify weak zones in disease's epidemiologic chain by using biologic methods and also identify methods for affecting them by preventing disease. Also it's taken into consideration to practically establishment of analyses'new directions.

Section employees continually carry out activities on preparing bacteriologists, zoologists, sterilizer specialists of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service and activities for developing their professional degrees in specially organized educational courses.

The main task of this section consists of carrying out preventing and emergency disinfestations and disinsection works against to disease carrier insects and gnawing animals in fields, village areas. Section of disinfection against of insects and gnawing animals has equipped with necessary chemicals, chemical solutions made from them and rooms for protecting cunnings, special devices to prepare by mixing, different weights to measure, sprays, compactly closed containers to keep cunnings. Specialists who are working with chemicals are equipped with personal protecting dresses and special equipments for work them safely.

Name of the organization: Preventive center on particularly dangerous infections

Address: 81, O.Annayev street, Ashgabat city, 744020

Telephone number: +993 (12) 73-88-13

Fax: +993 (12) 73-86-08


Buses: 11, 17, 53

Landmarks: Directorate of centers infectious diseases

Location on the map: Yandex Map